IsoChemiX: your drug and clinical discovery partner

Medicinal Chemistry Focused on Stable Isotopomer Analogs of APIs & Adjuvants

IsoChemiX' Medicinal Chemistry function consists of talented and highly qualified scientists who have worked in projects covering complex natural product and multistage drug syntheses. There is considerable drug discovery experience with small molecules and biologicals across a broad range of synthetic and therapeutic areas, e.g. respiratory, inflammation, cancer, metabolic disease, CNS, infection, orphan diseases, and biological drug-target classes, e.g. kinases, GPCRs, ion channels, and antibody-drug conjugates.

Core synthetic competencies: Contract synthesis of pro-drugs, full APIs and fragments in labelled heavy and light forms

Bespoke heavy and light analog synthesis viz Multi-stage synthesis of complex molecules, both light and heavy analogs

Chiral synthesis, chiral resolutions and chiral HPLC, both preparative and HPLC

Enzyme-mediated chemistry and related enantiomeric resolutions

Synthesis of small peptides and peptide mimetics

Parallel synthesis of lead-seeking arrays or focused libraries

Microwave assisted synthesis

Flow chemistry capability

Ozonolysis capability

Photochemistry capability

In due course, integrated clinical discovery projects can be driven by IsoChemix aim to design and implement complete in vitro and in vivo screening cascades in combination with established medicinal chemistry expertise.

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IsoChemiX: our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high value stable isotope labelled compounds adding value to customers and partners in specific areas of industry, academia. The business prides itself on rapid contract synthesis with no compromise on quality .

IsoChemiX: our Vision

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