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CLINICAL METABOLOMICS: IsoChemiX' diatope platforms are designed for a broad variety of targeted and non-targeted metabolomics studies, with breathomics and lipidomics at the core of our interest.

Metabolomics studies the response to intrinsic and extrinsic factors in a cell, tissue or organism via qualitative and quantitative analysis of small molecules (metabolomes). Metabolome analysis encompasses a highly diverse range of biomolecules, and combinations of different analytical platforms are therefore required for comprehensive metabolomic studies. To establish these multiparallel technologies fully, thorough standardization of each target metabolite is a prerequisite. This is achieved by addition of a specific stable isotope-labelled compound, (a mass isotopomer) for each metabolite. Saturation in vivo labeling with stable isotopes then enables the biosynthesis of differentially mass-labelled metabolite mixtures, which can be exploited for highly standardized profiling via mass isotopomer ratios. IsoChemiX is the first UK supplier and manufacturer of such molecules, targeting breathomics as a core thrust into this growth technology. CLINICAL DISCOVERY AIMS: metabolomics informs and complements studies in genomic, transcriptomic and proteomics areas, augmenting pictures of biological systems and is currently in catch up with these areas of research. Genomic variation, disease, drug-interaction and environmental variation may perturb concentration and fluxes in intermediary metabolic pathways that involve adjustment of intracellular and extra cellular environments in order to maintain homeostasis. Both perturbation and adjustment are expressed as changes in the normal patterns in cells and biofluids that 'handwrite' or fingerprint’ the site of interaction/reaction. Such fingerprints can be evaluated using spectroscopic & spectrometric techniques combined with stable isotope labels and developing statistical treatment, the latter being areas of research that are particularly interesting to IsoChemiX.

Metabolomic analysis must accurately determine minute changes of molecular profile related to disease, disease progression, therapeutic intervention, genetic modification or environmental variation and IsoChemiX.

IsoChemiX offers the most rapid delivery of high value UK manufactured compound platforms in metabolomics via contract synthesis, with an intact UK audit and analytical trail and full batch traceability as standard.
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