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Targeted products & protocols for pharmaceutical discovery

Recently spun out of the University of East Anglia Chemistry Department, ranked 4th in the UK and rated "excellent" for its research output by the UK government, IsoChemix clients gain unparalleled access to the cutting-edge science we offer, which we believe the contract synthesis market currently lacks.

IsoChemix founder Dr Sean Bew is a Reader at the University and has held previous postdoctoral positions at Nottingham and Oxford. At Oxford University he worked with esteemed academic Professor Steve Davies. Dr Bew currently runs his own research group at UEA and consults for numerous companies within the UK chemical and biotech industry.

IsoChemix' core focus is on stable isotope chemistry, with related interest in diagnostics and imaging methodologies, areas which Dr Bew is a known authority on. The business is heavily differentiated from competitors with this focus on stable isotope chemistry and the levels of expertise which are offered in synthesis, diagnostics and imaging fields.

Clients receive a unique mixture of consultative approach with IsoChemix renowned expertise and a UK delivery partner that will expedite delivery of important compounds and offers a UK manufacturing partner in stable isotope synthesis.

The aim is to offer a trusted, viable and cost-effective UK alternative to overseas contract manufacturers, so that delivery, costs and quality aspects are optimal for our customers. Clients benefit from renowned expertise and importantly, gain a UK delivery partner that will expedite delivery of important compounds to assist your own delivery timelines.

Synthesis & diagnostics delivery

Lean UK Manufacture

All-UK synthesis for fastest turnaround

Quality & Audit

Tailored UK synthesis; guarenteed audit trails


Exacting communication assists & expedites your project

Engaged Partnering

Bespoke project design ensures client satisfaction


A UK university spinout, we are a partner you can trust


Synthesis, analysis & consultancy drive client success

IsoChemiX: our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high value stable isotope labelled compounds adding value to customers and partners working in clinical and pharmaceutical discovery in specific areas of industry and academia. The business prides itself on rapid services with no compromise on quality and there are four elements to this mission:

- Medicinal chemistry discovery & contract synthesis. Emphasising Stable Isotope incorporation via bespoke synthesis alongside expeditious routes to light analogs;

- Clinical discovery, emphasising metabolomics and personal medicine;

- Proteomics & heavy isotope label supplies, the business delivers amino acids for SILAC and proteomics applications, with all-UK manufacture and rapid lead times.

- Partnerships as defined below, to hone our cutting edge.

IsoChemiX: our Vision

A research-led entity, with UK university association, the company will continually innovate to present clients with new options in medicinal chemistry, diagnostics and clinical biochemistry.

Core to the business is the development of new and enhanced methods to picture metabolic and chemical processes both in vitro and in vivo. With this research-led, cutting edge approach, we ensure that we add most value for clients and continually push the science

IsoChemiX: our Philosophy

IsoChemix cultivates a philosophy and culture of innovation so as to present clients with new options in medicinal chemistry, diagnostics and clinical biochemistry.

IsoChemiX' strong affiliation to The University of East Anglia underlines the research credentials of the company, and allows our clients access to an extraordinarily strong suite of techniques and the knowledge base of the founders. Clients therefore receive the best of both worlds with consultancy led industrial solutions from the leading edge of chemical and biochemical research.

Full Discovery Protocols, not just a supplier

Core knowledge allows the company to provide full protocols to address specific issues encountered throughout the discovery process, IsoChemiX has an unusual edge in this area with patent-protected technology and a network of connections in specific areas of interest, the company is able to formulate protocols to address specific issues in drug metabolism and fate, quantitative analysis, and diagnostic areas as well as the development of contract medicinal chemistry protocols for heavy target analogs

Partnerships & Customer Relations

IsoChemiX is highly results oriented yet an approachable and positive partner to your own company. We wish to form strategic partnerships with companies and researchers who see the value in our work and value any discussions regarding your business or research. Whilst our core programs are in stable isotope isotopomer synthesis, diagnostics/imaging and metabolomics, we wish to discuss the opportunity to do business with you regardless of the industry you work in as we believe there are strong opportunities using our compound platforms in many areas.

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Expedited Synthesis, Drug & Clinical Discovery

Based at the University of East Anglia Chemistry Department, ranked 4th in the UK and rated "excellent" for research output by the UK government in 2014, IsoChemix is able to deliver cutting-edge R&D services alongside strict audit trails so that clients obtain complex compounds to timescales that providers outside the UK cannot meet.

Our Partners

We invite collaboration over all disciplines and wish to engage with you to discuss the use of stable isotope technology for your academic or industrial requirements.

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